“Change is always a challenge!" - Gustaf Landahl Speaker Q&A

Gustaf Landahl, Head of Department for the City of Stockholm and GrowSmarter Coordinator will be speaking at the Smart Summit London on the 21st of September at the Olympia Conference Centre in London.

GrowSmarter aims to stimulate city uptake of ‘smart solutions’ by using the three Lighthouse cities (Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona) as a way to showcase 12 Smart City solutions: from advanced information and communication technology and better connected urban mobility, to incorporating renewable energy sources directly into the city’s supply network.

Gustaf, who will be speaking about digitising cities to enhance lifestyles and drive economic growth at the summit, recently took some time to answer our speaker Q&A:

1. Please provide us with some information about the projects you are working on to make cities smarter?

I coordinate the GrowSmarter-project: www.grow-smarter.eu. The project deals with the challenges that face most cities regarding buildings and energy, infrastructure and transport and demonstrates 12 smart solutions with the goal to increase the market uptake of these.

2. What do you believe to be the key drivers for smart city growth?

‘Smart Cities’ is a wide and undefined term. In our case we want to reach the goals that our cities have set up by using smart solutions (see above and website). The drivers are the city economy, the citizens’ needs, and the cities will need to reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions as well as emissions from vehicle traffic.

3. How are you working to engage the citizens in smart city activity?

The success of our projects all depend on us having the end-users and citizens positive to using the smart solutions. In some cases the solutions have city entities as end users, in some cases citizens.

4. Do you think there needs to be stronger business and public collaboration?

In GrowSmarter this is one of the main ingredients in the project. Besides the cities and some other partners, the majority are business and industrial partners. We in our cities want to demonstrate these projects for others so that the products start growing on the market.

5. How can cities become smarter, not just connected?

For us ICT is an instrument for supporting the smart measures, but not an end in itself.

6. Which are the key ways data is being used to enhance smart city capabilities?

All smart solutions will generate data. This will be open and we hope that new ideas can be developed by using this data in new ways.

7. What are the key benefits to citizens and cities from smart city services?

Better services, higher efficiency and shorter reply-times.

8. Are there ways in which the framework for interoperability could be improved?

For the protocols used for some smart solutions we see that a better standardization would simplify cities procurement processes and also improve competition on the market. Today interoperability can be a problem and cities do not want to be stuck with one provider of services.

9. What are the key challenges in making the transition to a smart city and how can they be overcome?

Change is always a challenge! Introducing new business models, new ways of working together and new technical solutions will always pose a threat for some and they will be against the transition. Information and communication involving stakeholders is the key.

10. How are security and privacy concerns being addressed?

They are important and pose several challenges. We want data open, but we want privacy to be sustained.

11. How are cities bridging internal silos for a cohesive Smart City strategy?

By strategic decisions in the city halls. By cooperation projects incorporating different stake-holders etc.


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