“Customers will depend more and more on smart home products.” – Stefan Grosjean, CEO, Smappee, Speaker Q&A

Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee will be speaking in the Smart Home stream at the Smart Summit London being held on the 21st and 22nd of September. The Smart Summit London, which will see over 600 senior decision makers in attendance, will be held at the Olympia Conference Centre in London. 

Smappee was founded by Stefan Grosjean in 2012, and focuses on developing innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. They offer people a user-friendly, affordable and efficient way to use less energy, and under the slogan “Let’s win” Smappee ensures that both the consumer and the environment win.

Stefan, who will be discussing how to change the way we live with connected technology on the 22nd of September, took some time to answer our Speaker Q&A: 

1. Which service is most likely to trigger mass market smart home take-up – security, entertainment, heating, health or something else?

Home Energy Management and Demand Response from a ‘climate change and smart grids’ perspective.

2. Where does potential lie for new industries to become involved in the Smart Home market?

Connecting the components with intelligence, like e.g. IFTTT

3. How are partnerships contributing to growth in the Smart Home market?

In a positive way, as we speak of a ‘connected’ home/environment with multiple vendors providing each a specialised device. All working well together and each device being best of class.

4. How are new Smart Home products generating customer loyalty?

Customers will depend more and more on smart home products. Look at the smart phone and Facebook, capturing all ‘internauts’ for approx. 50 minutes per day. Customers can't miss it anymore; customers have been digitised and will expect their homes to be part of the process. So, making sure the ‘Smart Home’ is really smart, reliable and serves the customer well will create loyalty to those solutions and solution providers.

5. How can security and privacy concerns be overcome?

Trust that manufacturers will respect customers’ privacy, and only use data in anonymous form to the sole benefit of the customer. If anonymity needs to be waived, then this should only be possible with explicit authorization of the customer. The customer should be able to opt-in and out at any time, just as it is today with other services where authorised apps can be revoked at any time.

Governments should setup control systems to protect the privacy of customers and execute ad hoc checks or audits.

6. Which retailers are achieving most success in Smart Home sales and why?

None so far. Their personnel are not well trained and often not qualified for this task.  

7. Is there too much focus on mass market appeal or is there still a place for high-end products?

It will be staged, first high-end products for early adopters, tech geeks. Allowing to fine-tune the products and offerings. Then the mass will get in with lower cost versions of the early, higher tech products. But there are still a number of years to go to see the mass market get in place.

8. How successful will subscription-based models be for the Smart Home market?

Today people don’t like these. We have opted for Capex without subscription, to offer the benefit to the customer. We’d love to have it the other way, but we believe the market is not mature for this. However, by comparing ‘buying music’ versus models like ‘Spotify’ people are getting in the mood. So we'll see what the future brings.

9. Is an OpenSource platform necessary for industry growth?

Open and open api, yes. Open Source not necessarily. Look at Apple with iOS. The iOS is not open sourced to protect IP and privacy (viruses). However the product offers an open API, i.e. anyone can build products interacting with the iOS.

In other words expand the success in a win win. Selling Apps while selling devices with iOS. Android, totally open leads to variants of OS-es with dialects on multiple brands, leading to a deteriorated OS experience.

The right mix is in the middle. Open to build and win but ‘close’ to protect the quality.


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